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by ShehryarB30 Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:16 am

Could you pls explain how to do this one
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Re: Q18

by ohthatpatrick Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:16 am

As we always do for Orientation questions, we take each rule and check to see whether any of the five answers break it.

However, with 3D games (two layers of info ... in this case, which school and which two people), the answer choices usually only show one layer of info. So we can look for rules that are relatively easy to deal with, and then we might need to write out the remaining choices or consult any inferences we may have made.

Since we can't see the Team name in any of these answers, we should skip rule 1 and 5 for now

Rule 2: This gets rid of (A), since T is on the 3rd place team.

Rule 3: This gets rid of (B), since M and P are on the same team.

Rule 4: This gets rid of (C), since P is on a lower team than N's team.

If we can't see the last elimination, we should start writing out (A) or (E) and adding the team names that we know based on rules 1 and 5.

But essentially, the final elimination is knowing that S is on TeamG and that TeamG has to be higher than TeamH , so TeamG is always 1st or 2nd.

Since TeamG is always 1st or 2nd and S is on TeamG, we know that (D) is wrong, since s is on the 3rd team.

The correct answer is (E).