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Q7 - High-technology medicine is driving

by mcrittell Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:53 pm

Perhaps I'm totally misreading this question (RC fail, haha), but doesn't the stem basically say, "which most weakens the author's explanation of the increase in the number of cataract operations EXCEPT"

And if so, it seems like most answer choices actually support the author's conclusion and reasoning for the increase in the number of cataract surgeries?

Again, I totally could just be wrong.
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Re: Q7 - High-technology medicine is driving

by geverett Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:53 pm

The argument is one of causation. Here it is:

Advances in cataract surgery have caused an increase in the number of people having the surgery which has caused an increase in the total amount of money spent on cataract surgery.

1. Advance in cat. surgery --> Increase in # of cat. surgeries

2. Increase in # of cat. surgeries -> increase in total $ spent on cat. surg.

You could definitely look at this question as a "Weaken, EXCEPT" question. The question is in regards to the first claim of causation listed above. So we know that four answer choices will weaken this claim, and one answer choice will either strengthen or have no discernible impact.

Every answer choice (except E) presents an alternate reason ,besides the advances in cataract surgery, for the increase in the # of cataract surgeries being performed. If this is not discernible let me know, and I will explain these alternate causes more in depth. Also, for more information on this check out the Manhattan LR guide. It has a section on causal reasoning which will explain how to weaken and strengthen arguments based on causality.

(E) This answer choice has no impact on the authors causal argument. Whether or not people are worst off after unsuccessful cataract surgery has no bearing on the causal argument the author employs in the stimulus which is.

Advances in cataract surgery --> Increase in # of cat. surgery
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Atticus Finch
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Re: Q7 - High-technology medicine is driving up

by ManhattanPrepLSAT1 Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:22 am

Nice work geverett!

This question does ask us to choose the answer choice that does not weaken the argument. The argument offers two explanations for why the number of cataract surgeries have increased. Any answer choice that presents an alternative to the two provided (the dramatic restoration of vision and the reduced cost of the surgery) should be eliminated.

(A) would suggest that it's the increased number of people that are responsible for the increased number of cataract surgeries.
(B) would suggest that it's this increased likelihood of needing the surgery that could account for the increased number of actual surgeries.
(C) presents a twist to essentially the same explanation as that offered in answer choice (A).
(D) would suggest maybe it's the coverage that's the reason for why so many more surgeries are occurring. People are often unwilling to spend their own money on things, but the insurance company's sure!

For questions like this it's best to use elimination to arrive at the correct answer. Let's just take a look at answer choice (E) though too. This answer choice does make it all the more unclear why someone would have cataract surgery since it presents a negative consequence of having the surgery. But it never addresses a reason for why the cataract surgeries are occurring in spite of this significant drawback. In fact the increased surgeries in spite of the drawback listed here in answer choice (E) could still be the ones listed in the argument - cost and effectiveness.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Q7 - High-technology medicine is driving

by ToliatiB842 Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:48 pm

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