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Any feedback on Ron Purewal?

by gmatguy Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:03 pm

Has anyone had Ron Purewal as an instructor? Curious to know before I drop $1400!

by Guest Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:07 pm

I wonder if this is the same Ron Purewal...
http://www.ratemyteachers.com/schools/c ... n__purewal

by DMGlattstein Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:43 pm

Ron is awesome. Absolutely awesome. Patient and incredibly smart. I would highly suggest working with him
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by the gmat is tough Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:00 pm

Ron teaches in the class before mine. I've arrived early a few times and had the opportunity to watch Ron instruct.

Plain and simple: Ron is awesome. He solves problems with such ease and breaks them down in a digestible format. I wish I had Ron as my instructor. Not saying mine is bad (he's fantastic, too), but in my opinion, Ron has more charisma.

Agreed--Ron is a great teacher

by tbone Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:30 am

Ron is great. I just took the GMAT and scored even higher than I had hoped and I have to say it was in large part due to Ron.

First off, I don't have a particularly long attention span, especially for math on weekends during the summer, but Ron definitely made class about as fun as it could be and presented the material at a great pace.

Second, he really pays attention to the psychological aspects of the GMAT. I really believe that coming to the understanding that I was psyching myself out and then addressing that issue is what ultimately allowed me to succeed. Listen to him when he talks about looking at failures as opportunities to learn and thinking about test day as a chance to show off how hard you've worked!

Third, he's a nice guy. He's very easy to get along with. He's very approachable and willing to answer stupid and hard questions alike. He also gives very insightful feedback.

Fourth, he knows the material stone cold and can instantly bring you through all the different ways of solving a given problem.

So yeah, if you have a chance to take the class from him, you should definitely feel confident you are getting one of the best possible GMAT teachers.

Finally, on a separate note, I have taken both Kaplan and Manhattan GMAT classes. I took the Kaplan class last year and then ultimately never had the chance to take the test as my duties at work prevented that from happening. A year went by and I had to study again. Since I wasn't exactly thrilled with Kaplan, I decided to give MGMAT a try. The difference was night and day...for example (I still have my old Kaplan books so I went back and looked through them) there are some math topics Kaplan literally spends 2 pages on that GMAT has entire chapters or books dedicated to. MGMAT is much more thorough and thoughtful. I feel like Kaplan's attempt to be thorough is just throwing a bunch of online material at you and hoping some of it sticks and you figure out how to learn from it rather than teaching you. MGMAT has clearly spent much more time distilling the information and doing some of that work for you.

Overall, I am a very happy customer of both MGMAT and Ron.
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by mdinerstein Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:04 am

Thank you for the positive feedback, tbone! I'll make sure Ron sees your and the entire thread's positive feedback!


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Awesome teacher

by CD Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:34 pm

Ron is really an exceptional instructor. His grasp of the material is frighteningly impressive. He communicates well, explains concepts clearly, and reinforces them throughout the class. He has a great handle on the course curriculum and can almost instantly pull up sample questions/slides from past class sessions that are relevant. And listen to the way he speaks -- even when teaching math, he uses GMAT grammar constantly. I don't know whether he does it conciously, but given that we hear non-standard English on an everyday basis, hearing GMAT-approved English for a few hours a week definitely helps.

One thing that I was concerned about when I signed up for the class is how it would be useful for people of different ability levels. Ron did a great job of making every hour of every class session relevant to every skill level.

He seems to care about his students a lot, and is an all-around good and happy guy. I couldn't recommend him more highly. He's probably the best teacher I've had for anything -- be it 5th grade English, college econometrics, or piano lessons.

by gmat720 Sat Sep 27, 2008 3:38 am

Ron is an absolutely amazing teacher. He breaks down the problem in a very simple way which can be understood by people at all skill levels. Easy to interact with and very motivating. He makes those 3 hours a pleasure to study for GMAT.

by Guest Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:52 pm

I took my first class with Ron yesterday. I got a lot of value out of the session. Ron is obviously a very experienced instructor. I feel a big relief that at least I will be getting the best help. Unfortunately, I have no excuses now; it is all on me and I have to study hard.

by guest Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:17 pm

Ron just gets it.

He gets your individual learning style, he gets how to best teach you, and he gets how to approach each problem and the entire test.

I worked with Ron on a one-on-one basis for roughly 20 hours, during the last few weeks. Most of our time was spent on quant. and test taking-strategies.

First off, Ron is able to explain problems and concepts in an amazingly clear and easy to understand way. He is also able to come up with multiple approaches for each problem, and even come up with new problems on the spot to really test if you understand the concept. One of Ron's signature teaching methods is the necessity of quickly working through a hierarchy of approaches to each problem and to NEVER STARE at a problem. Trust me....it's harder than it sounds.

Despite Ron's strong aptitude in GMAT content, what I ended up benefiting the most is how to deal with the often overlooked psychological parts of the test. I learned this the hard way. The first time taking the GMAT, I was very-ill prepared and got crushed b/c my mind went blank, and I could not finish the test. I have never been a strong test taker, and the GMAT wasn't going to be a place where this would all of a sudden change. Instead of hoping this would go away, Ron made it clear that symptoms of test anxiety will be present on test date, but you must be prepared and be ready to handle this. I was able to turn my sweaty palms, faster heart rate, and nervousness into a positive force to get me into the mental state that I needed to perform well on the test.

In fact, the techniques that Ron taught me on how to deal with the test, even allowed me to remain calm the night before the test and get possibly one of the best nights of sleep I had before a big exam.

Lastly, this guy is seriously entertaining to work with. We usually met for 2 hour sessions, and the time always felt short.

Good Luck to everyone!

Ron is the best!

by mbaguy513 Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:56 pm

I took Ron's 9 week class this past Spring and couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I was never a great standardized test taker and was very apprehensive about the GMAT. Ron really knows how to relate to his students. He does a great job not just teaching content, but also teaching a solid mental approach to the test.

I recently took the test and broke the 700 barrier and most importantly was able to get my quant score up the 84th percentile (I am a verbal guy).

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher in Ron and a better experience than Manhattan GMAT. I would recomend Ron to anyone who wants to do well on the GMAT!
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Re: Any feedback on Ron Purewal?

by ajafari Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:03 pm

I've encountered many teachers and tutors throughout my schooling and Ron is by far the best. No joke!

During my sessions with Ron I learned more valuable information and techniques than any course or self study program. Ron was able to diagnose my problems with the GMAT during our very first session by just watching how I solved the problems and seeing which problems I typically missed. The way that he is different from other instructors is that other instructors would have looked at my weaknesses and just told me to do more problems in those areas and go back and re-read the concepts in the workbooks. Instead, Ron gave me new techniques/tips to apply in those weak areas but more importantly he stressed his TAKEAWAY philosophy (just search the forum for takeaways)

Additional things I learned were a throwaway list, time management, alternative quant solving techniques, DS techniques, CR techniques, test day stress management, etc. For someone like me who had plateaued, Ron's help was helpful in taking me to the next level.

Also, as others have mentioned, he creates a comfortable setting in which its more of a dialogue than getting lectured at. He is simply awesome! Try to take a class with him and/or private tutoring.
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Re: Any feedback on Ron Purewal?

by emiko513 Wed May 05, 2010 1:35 am

Hi, everyone !

I have just completed 9 sessions with Ron Purewal and I had a
extremely great experience with Ron... The way Ron has showed us completely blew me away !!

Before I started MGMAT with Ron, I had started studying the Quat problems for few weeks.. and I often found myself got stuck in problems that I didn't even know where to start.. and just wasting my time, trying to make algebraic ways to solve the problems and actually made myself even confused. Now, Ron
has impressed me so much to show us some ways that you never thought of doing so, with cool skills, like a ancient Samurai secret...very realistic, logical and very efficient.. That changed my perspective completely to cope with the problems.

So, even thought you got stuck in some problem,
you don't have to use just a traditional text book way of doing so.. You can quickly change your perspective and attack the problems with different angles.. The way that Ron taught us encourages me so much..

Only regret that I have now is, "I wish I'd started with Ron way earlier !!!!!! ..."

gmatguy wrote:Has anyone had Ron Purewal as an instructor? Curious to know before I drop $1400!
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Re: Any feedback on Ron Purewal?

by zarak_khan Sat May 08, 2010 11:24 am

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with the GMAT since 2007. Yes, three years. I have already taken the test three times and scored 590, 620, and 620. Since I really want to pursue a quality MBA program, I decided on re-taking the GMAT one more time, irrespective of its cost and effort. During Feb 2010, I started studying by myself, a strategy that had not paid over my previous attempts. Nevertheless, I went ahead and started my self-study plan. Afterall, there were so many people out there on the internet claiming to have jumped to a 760 from a 590! During Feb 2010, I studied with greater focus and reviewed the Manhattan guides, Powerscore guides, and LSAT tests. By 6th March 2010, I decided to test myself with a Manhattan CAT 1. After completing Manhattan's CAT 1, I viewed my score and was shocked to see a 600. Not only was this very close to my previous GMAT score (620) but it also showed no improvement whatsoever.

Since this was my fourth attempt and I was already into studing the GMAT for the fourth consecutive week, getting a 600 was very demoralizing. I knew something was not right and that I needed guidance and spoon feeding, in some ways. On 10th March 2010, I decided to put an end to my mental pain and started searching for a tutor. Ron Purewal was recommended by Manhattan GMAT and I did not hesitate to go with the choice.

To date, I have attended almost 25 hours of private tutoring with Ron over the internet. During my time with him, I have noticed his excellent grip over the GMAT material and his strategies to beat the test. Also, importantly, Ron does not try to tell you that the test is easy. He flatly says the test is difficult, challenging and not for those who do not want to put in the effort. Ron is also very good in handing over effective homeworks, where your preparation for the GMAT is not boring but rather an interesting challenge that teaches you how to further improve your score. Therefore, over my 10 sessions with Ron since 18th March 2010, I have constantly improved and gained a lot of confidence in my ability to cross the 700 mark. Infact, with five weeks to my actual GMAT Test, I have started aiming at a 730.
Another interesting point is that I scored a 700 in Manhattan's 2nd CAT, which I took a week ago. I know this is not the real GMAT but crossing the 700 mark just after 10 sessions goes to show that Ron's teaching techniques are effective and far better than those of any other company or tutor in today's market.

Honestly, the GMAT is not easy. On the other hand, I have also seen people do well without a lot of effort. However, for people like me, I would recommend private tutoring so that you do not waste time. Also, I would highly recommend Ron Purewal because this chap knows what it takes to do well and has the gift of taking you to the score you ask for. He will be straight forward and you will have to work hard. The end result, however, will be worth your time, effort, and money. Also, given that a good GMAT score opens doors to quality business programs, I think your time with Ron Purewal is an investment that will pay dividends over your lifetime.

In all, Ron is excellent and I am glad to have had him as my tutor since 18th March 2010. I also look forward to continuing my sessions with him till my test on 12th June 2010.
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Re: Any feedback on Ron Purewal?

by jfsaine Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:05 am

Ron’s approach to the GMAT is as fundamental as one can get. What qualifies most instructors to teach GMAT materials is their personal capacity/results on this type of exam coupled with a love to communicate new knowledge. Although Ron displays these attributes, what separates him from the pack is his acute understanding of the underlying test.

Unlike most of his peers, Ron could turn around tomorrow and write test questions at the GMAC. As a result, he sees through questions, and is able to explain the 5 different solving methodologies within 5 seconds of reading a new problem. This has a major impact on his teaching style, as he is qualified to explain the material in its simplest form. It is amazing to watch all the complexity of Combinatorics, Probabilities, Number Properties, Modifiers, Verb Tense and Inference questions shed away under his tutelage.

If you are looking for tricks or to solve small issues, I wouldn’t recommend Ron over other instructors. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop a thorough understanding of this exam, what the GMAC is really testing and how to read questions in the way that a test writer would, then you must go with Ron.

The GMAT is a code, Ron has the combination. I scored a 730 on the test, which did not come as a surprise as I had a large part of the combination down. Thanks Ron.