An LSAT Night Out


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending an evening with the Manhattan LSAT crew. In case there is any lingering doubt as to our nerdiness, let it be known that–at a bar–we collaboratively (1) calculated our life expectancies (mine was 71, for the record–though a psychic once told me 87, which I’m sticking with because I find her more credible than scientific probabilities), and (2) held an impromptu haiku competition.

The latter activity inspired this week’s post, in which (get ready) I will publish for the first time ever read, seen, or experienced, my original LSAT haikus. Whether it refreshes your memory of test strategy, triggers horrific flashbacks, or inspires an ill-informed decision to ditch law school and become a mediocre poet, I hope you enjoy. Some feedback on which is best, or a few poems of your own are strongly encouraged!

On Logic Games:
Xavier is in
only if Olga is out.
The boat is quite small.

On Reading Comprehension:
The author agrees
that the passage is too long.
Fire the editor.

On Logical Reasoning:
O, argument core!
Premise. Conclusion. What else?
Gap. Blank. Missing. _______.

On the essay:
Alas, dost though read
the essay? A fallen tree
no one hears fall, it.

Mary Adkins is one of Manhattan LSAT’s 99th percentile rock star instructors based out of New York City. She’s also available for Private Tutoring, both in NYC and Live Online.

  1. Peter Agbeyegbe June 28, 2012 at 12:28 am

    I like your Logic Games poem : )