Articles published in June 2018

What to Do When You’re Down to Two LSAT Answer Choices


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - What to Do When You're Down to Two LSAT Answer Choices by Ally Bell

You know that feeling when you’re at a restaurant, and there are two things on the menu that you really, really want for dinner? Everyone has a different way of handling that decision. Some might go with the cheaper one, or the tastier one, or the healthier one, or the one they’ve never tried before. If you’re like me, you just wait to see what pops out of your mouth when the server takes your order. Read more

Skipping LSAT Questions


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - Skipping LSAT Questions by Matt Shinners

The LSAT is a hard test. No doubt about it.

Any test where you can get 10% of the questions wrong and still be in the top 2% of test takers is a hard test. Read more