Friday Links: Adjusting to Grad School, Productivity, and More!


iStock_000016594950XSmallHappy Friday! Here’s our weekly roundup of grad school news and tips:

Set Priorities First to Successfully Adjust to Graduate School (U.S. News Education)

Allowing for time to adjust to a new routine and setting concrete priorities will help ease the transition to graduate school

Is It Too Late For Graduate School? ( Graduate School)

About answers a reader’s question about whether anyone can be too old to pursue a graduate degree.

Four Lies You Tell Yourself About Productivity (and How to Stop) (Life Hacker)

When it comes to productivity, you may think you have it mastered but check out these four lies you might be telling yourself.

Balance Academics, Activities as an International Graduate (U.S. News Education)

Develop a well-rounded time management plant to help you balance your academics and social interactions as an international grad student.

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