Friday Links: Humor in Grad School, Preparing for the Fall Semester, & More!


fridayHappy Friday! Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite grad school news and tips from the week:

Best GRE Books (Test Study Guides)

Test Study Guides shares their hand-picked list of the best GRE prep books and explains why these are the most effective study guides for the test.

How International Graduate Students Can Find U.S. Housing (U.S. News Education)

Finding housing from far away can be intimidating, but there are resources to help international students in their search.

Five Reasons Why a Sense of Humor is Crucial to Grad School Success (Grad Hacker)

A sense of humor is crucial to grad school survival, says Grad Hacker. Check out the number of reasons for why this is true.

What to Consider When Considering Graduate School ( Graduate School)

The summer months – and the break from classes – gives many students the opportunity to think about the future.

Forge Connections Early with Graduate School Professors (U.S. News Education)

Pursuing an independent study is a good way to get to know a professor better and could lead to being asked to co-author a research paper.

From Summer to Semester (Grad Hacker)

Taking the last few weeks of summer to reflect, organize, plan, and anticipate can help to put the fall semester of grad school into perspective.

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