Friday Links: Student Loans, Going to Grad School, and More!


LSAT News1Here’s our weekly roundup of grad school tips and news links. Happy Friday and happy reading!

Apply to U.S. Graduate Schools with an American-Style Resume (U.S. News Education)

Keep Your American Audience in Mind as You Write Your Resume to Apply to Graduate School as an International Student

Grad School Admissions: What to Do During Your Junior-Year (and Before!) ( Graduate School)

Don’t wait until you’re a senior to think about applying to graduate school – often that’s too late!

Should You Consider Obtaining a Graduate Degree? (Illinois State University)

Deciding whether to go to graduate school is an important career choice that requires deep though. Here are a few things to think about when considering an advanced degree.

How the Student Loan Interest Rate Deal Affects Grad Students (U.S. News Education)

Interest rates for Grad PLUS loans would drop under pending legislation, but only temporarily.

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