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Quantity A

The number of different ways all 9 letters in the word TENNESSEE can be arranged.

Quantity B

The number of different ways all 7 letters in the word WYOMING can be arranged.

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5 Grad School Options for Liberal Arts Students (USA Today College)

Grad school degrees

Not sure where to go after your undergraduate studies? USA Today has a great list of options for liberal arts majors who are looking to pursue graduate school.

10 Engineering Schools With the Most International Students (U.S. News Education)

Virtually every graduate engineering school in the US enrolls international students. Check out this article to find out which full-time programs enroll the most students from abroad.

How to Get Accepted and Make the Most Out of Graduate School (Forbes)

Joe Thomas, the 10th dean of the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, advises how to stand out in the admissions process and how to make the most out of the overall graduate school experience.

Where the Women Fortune 500 CEOs Went to School ( U.S. News Education)

Three of the 18 women on Fortune’s CEO list earned one college and two graduate degrees. Find out which graduate schools they attended.

GRE Fish in a Barrel

The verbal portion of the GRE presents many opportunities to test us on our understanding of idiomatic language. Such language can come in the form of expressions or constructions that mean something different than what the individual words might mean on their own. Alternatively, we may be looking at a secondary or more rare definition of a word. This kind of language can be tested both on vocab questions (text completion and sentence equivalence) and on reading comprehension.

First, try this problem (© Manhattan Prep). Select the answer choice that most closely represents the meaning of the original sentence.

The experiment only looks like a success.

(A) It is not possible to see the experiment as anything other than a success.

(B) The experiment might be successful, but we don’t know for sure.

(C) The experiment has the appearance of a success, but really is a failure.


Have you picked your choice? Great, let’s talk about it!

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Take a sneak peek into Manhattan Prep’s 500 Essential Words and 500 Advanced Words GRE flashcard sets!

Turns out, metaphysical doesn’t just mean “really deep, man.” And let’s not even talk about ontological and empirical. Check it out:

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If you have been prepping for the GRE, flash cards, prep books, and practice problems have probably become your closest companions. Being the ambitious studier that you are, you may find yourself feeling a strong sense of guilt if you stray from your prep plan to take a leisurely break. Fortunately, we have a simple, guilt-free activity that is both enjoyable and helpful in prepping for the GRE: Reading! Because you (hopefully) keep up with the standard stock list (The New York Times, The Economist, National Geographic, etc.), we have compiled a list of fresh reading material, compliments of our very own GRE instructors, that combines a plethora of GRE words with beguiling storylines. Plus, now that it’s finally summertime, what better way to fill your study breaks than to lay out in the warm sun with a great novel in hand?

Recommendations from Stacey Koprince:

The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder

The Source by James Michener: The book chronicles an archaeological dig in Israel, hopping back and forth in time, sometimes telling the story of a certain artifact, and sometimes returning to the present to talk about modern day political and social issues (set in 1960s).

The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder: A renowned 1967 National Book Award-winning novel that is a murder mystery and philosophical novel all in one.

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