Friday Links: Grad School and the Sequester, Grad School Advising, & More


its-friday2Catch up on some of the top grad school tips and news links from the week. Happy Friday and happy reading!

What Graduate Students Should Know About the Sequester (U.S. News Education)

According to U.S. News, admissions criteria will change at some schools due to the sequestration. Find out why it could lead to a decrease in the number of students admitted.

What to Do When You are Accepted to Grad School (

Congrats to you if you’ve recently opened a graduate school acceptance letter! Now it’s time for some practical advice about what to do next.

Making the Most of Graduate School Advising (U.S. News Education)

This week U.S. News started a series addressing the questions that admitted graduate students often ask as well as information on how the academic advising process works.

You Can Be Busy or Remarkable”But Not Both (Study Hacks)

Here’s a great post that explains the profound difference between being busy and being remarkable. We think you’ll be ready for some down time after this read.

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