Friday Links: Student Loan Debt, Summer GRE Reading, and More!


iStock_000012409034XSmallHappy Friday and happy summer! Get a jump start on your summer reading with a few of this week’s top grad school articles:

When Grad School Does and Doesn’t Make Sense (USA Today College)

Here are 10 circumstances when grad school may make sense and 10 when it might not.

How to Choose the Right Graduate Program? Consider Your Personal Life ( Grad School)

Sometimes you have to look beyond academics to choose the right graduate school program for you.

5 Tips for Applying to Graduate Programs in Clinical or Counseling Psychology ( Graduate School)

Be on your game to improve your odds of admission to graduate programs in psychology with these five helpful tips.

How to Tackle Student Loan Debt as Quickly as Possible (USA Today College)

Here are some wise steps to pay off your student debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Read Your Way to a Higher Score: Summer Reading Recommendations from our GRE Instructors (Manhattan GRE Blog)

To celebrate the first day of summer, we’re bringing back a post from the archives. Check out our list of summer reading recommendations!

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