Friday Links: International Law School Applicants, Yale’s New Law Program, Pros and Cons of Law School and More


Get your weekly fix of law school and other legal-related news from some of this week’s top articles:

2 Unique Challenges of Applying to Law School as an International Student (U.S. News Education)

For international law school applicants, the application process can be very complex. U.S. News Education shares two challenges international applicants may face and some helpful solutions to get you through the process.

Study Names Top 10 Law Schools by Impact of Faculty (JD Journal)

According to a study of all the American Bar Association accredited law schools, researchers ranked the schools based on their scholarly impacts of law faculty. The researchers looked at citations for the faculty that were given in legal literature over the past five years.

Wanted: Temp Attorneys With Foreign-Language Skills (The Wall Street Journal)

Learning a second language may help you land a law job as international business disputes continue to rise and law firms look for multilingual attorneys.

New Breed of Law Degree (Inside Higher Ed)

A few weeks ago we shared the news that Yale Law School will expand its degree offerings with a Ph.D. program. This week, Inside Higher Ed released some more details on the new offering.

Law School – Pros and Cons From the Pros (Huffington Post College)

A rising college senior at the University of California, Berkley shares his conversations with a former state governor, the head of Global Mergers & Acquisitions at a top law firm, and a billionaire entrepreneur. See what these pros have to say about their law school experiences.

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