I Just Received My LSAT Score! What Next?


Blog-NowWhatMany of you received your LSAT scores this week. You should have recovered from the celebration/lamentation by now, so it’s time to think about next steps. Here’s what you should do: 

First, go back in time and get your letters of rec started.

Ditto transcripts. Barring the ability to alter the fabric of reality, you should get started on these right now. Professors and employers drag their feet; schools can take more than a week to send transcripts out; LSAC can sometimes take a bit to convert your GPA. Since the timing on these elements is the only thing out of your control, start on it.

Second, make a decision on your LSAT score – retake it, or apply with this score.

A few points on the exam will drastically alter outcomes, but applying with a February score – if it’s even allowed where you’re applying – puts you at a disadvantage. If you think you have enough time to prep, have a good study plan, and expect to see 3+ points higher, then it’s something to seriously consider.

Third, get your essays together.

Everyone will need a personal statement. Many will write a diversity statement. For the most part, you’ll be able to use the same one for every school. Come up with a solid topic and theme, ground it in an interesting story, and edit it until you and everyone you know is sick of it.

Fourth, check out the applications for the schools to which you plan to apply.

Some will have additional essays and questions that will require a time investment. Figure out what additional essays you have to write, make a list, and check them off as you go.

Finally, fill out all the applications and submit.

It’s going to be a scary moment. I can almost guarantee you’ll notice a typo/misspelled word as soon as you do so. So don’t check. After submitting, you’re free…to worry ceaselessly until you hear back from the schools. 📝

matt-shinnersMatt Shinners is a Manhattan Prep instructor based in New York City. After receiving a science degree from Boston College, Matt scored a 180 on his LSAT and enrolled in Harvard Law School. There’s nothing that makes him happier than seeing his students receive the scores they want to get into the schools of their choice. Check out Matt’s upcoming LSAT courses here!


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