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The Week in (Law) Review – November 6, 2015 LSAT Roundup


Blog-Week-In-Law-11-6All things LSAT-and-law-school-related from the past week, for your niche media consumption delight. 🎓💼


Harvard Law professor: “Don’t baby law school applicants”

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Friday Links: Legal Books, Law Students Working for Free, & More!


newsThe June LSAT is just over one week away! Take a quick study break to catch up on some of this week’s top law school links:

The Mental Fortitude Necessary to Practice Law (Lawyerist)

Being a lawyer takes thick skin. That’s because your job, in serving your client, is to tune out the bluster, stay cool, and make good decisions under fire.

Should You Drop Out of Law School (The Girl’s Guide to Law School)

As the school year winds down, a whispered question is floating in on the wind: “Should I drop out of law school?”

New Lawyer Tip of the Week—How Books Can Inspire & Improve your Legal Career (Green Horn Legal)

This list of legal books can inspire you, re-energize you and deliver to you a few wise lessons that you can use to improve your career.

Law Students Should Be Able to Work For Free, Says ABA (Wall Street Journal Law Blog)

The ABA is stepping into the fray over whether law firms should have to pay law students to help out on pro bono cases.

Toobin: The Legal Job Crisis Doesn’t Exist For Harvard Law Grads (Business Insider)

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin spoke at Harvard Law’s “Class Day” on Wednesday, telling grads not to worry about the “oversupply of lawyers” that’s been in the news.

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Friday Links: Tips to Save Money, The LSAT Requirement, Legal Career Tips and More!


Happy FridayHappy Friday everyone! Here’s a roundup of our favorite law school and legal-related articles from the week:

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When You’re a Law Student (The Law Street Journal)

There is no getting around the fact that law school is expensive. Here are a few easy things you can do to help you save money while earning your J.D.

The Short On Long-Term Planning: Be Nice to Everyone All the Time (jdMission)

Here’s a friendly reminder from our friends at jdMission to always remember your manners when speaking with people at the law school admissions office.

ABA Committee Recommends Keeping LSAT Requirement (ABA Journal)

ABA Journal reports that the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar’s Standards Review Committee voted to recommend keeping the LSAT requirement.

Ms. JD’s Pre-Law Prep Guide: Get the Scoop: Going Directly to the Source (Ms. JD)

Trying to figure out if law is the right path for you? This post from Ms. JD explains why it’s important to speak with professionals in the field to help you make your decision.

Ten Tips to Thrive in Your Legal Career (The Girl’s Guide to Law School)

Earning a high score on the LSAT and getting into a top law school may be your main priority right now but keep these useful tips in mind for when it comes time to enter into the legal profession.

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