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LSAT Logic Games: Some Common(ly Overlooked) Deductions


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - LSAT Logic Games: Some Common(ly Overlooked) Deductions by Chris Gentry

Learning science has come a long way in recent years, and we’ve been learning with it. We incorporate the latest discoveries in learning science into our LSAT course to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your prep. Want to see? Try the first session of any of our upcoming courses for free.

Almost all test-takers seem to share two concerns about LSAT Logic Games: speed and speed. Oh, and people also seem to worry about speed for some reason.

Sound familiar? If so, you may want to read Daniel Fogel’s excellent post from a few months ago before you continue.

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You Derive Me Crazy: Framing Grouping Games


Blog-DeriveNo matter how good you get at Logic Games, finding those difficult inferences will always be a challenge! In our “You Derive Me Crazy” blog series, we’ll take a look at some of the higher-level inferences that repeat on the LSAT, ensuring that you have all the tools necessary to tackle anything the LSAT throws at you on test day!

Some of the biggest inferences in Logic Games come in the form of frames — 2–3 skeletons that represent every possible way the game can work out. Here at Manhattan Prep, we have two questions that both need to be answered ‘yes’ before we consider frames: Read more