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LSAT Questions, Answers and Explanations


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Hey! You there — are you looking for explanations to LSAT questions? We’ve got the goods. Browse our forum explanation bank, read explanations, and, if you’d like, join in the discussion — maybe even add your own two cents! While you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and bookmark this invaluable page now.

LSAT PrepTest Number Logic Games Logical Reasoning Reading Comprehension
1 Prep Test 1: June 1991 LG LR RC
2 Prep Test 2: October 1991 LG LR RC
3 Prep Test 3: December 1991 LG LR RC
4 Prep Test 4: February 1992 LG LR RC
5 Prep Test 5: June 1992 LG LR RC
6 Prep Test 6: October 1992 LG LR RC
7 Prep Test 7: February 1993 LG LR RC
8 Prep Test 8: June 1993 LG LR RC
9 Prep Test 9: October 1993 LG LR RC
10 Prep Test 10: February 1994 LG LR RC
11 Prep Test 11: June 1994 LG LR RC
12 Prep Test 12: October 1994 LG LR RC
13 Prep Test 13: December 1994 LG LR RC
14 Prep Test 14: February 1995 LG LR RC
15 Prep Test 15: June 1995 LG LR RC
16 Prep Test 16: September 1995 LG LR RC
17 Prep Test 17: December 1995 LG LR RC
18 Prep Test 18: December 1992 LG LR RC
19 Prep Test 19: June 1996 LG LR RC
20 Prep Test 20: October 1996 LG LR RC
21 Prep Test 21: December 1996 LG LR RC
22 Prep Test 22: June 1997 LG LR RC
23 Prep Test 23: October 1997 LG LR RC
24 Prep Test 24: December 1997 LG LR RC
25 Prep Test 25: June 1998 LG LR RC
26 Prep Test 26: September 1998 LG LR RC
27 Prep Test 27: December 1998 LG LR RC
28 Prep Test 28: June 1999 LG LR RC
29 Prep Test 29: October 1999 LG LR RC
30 Prep Test 30: December 1999 LG LR RC
31 Prep Test 31: June 2000 LG LR RC
32 Prep Test 32: October 2000 LG LR RC
33 Prep Test 33: December 2000 LG LR RC
34 Prep Test 34: June 2001 LG LR RC
35 Prep Test 35: October 2001 LG LR RC
36 Prep Test 36: December 2001 LG LR RC
37 Prep Test 37: June 2002 LG LR RC
38 Prep Test 38: October 2002 LG LR RC
39 Prep Test 39: December 2002 LG LR RC
40 Prep Test 40: June 2003 LG LR RC
41 Prep Test 41: October 2003 LG LR RC
42 Prep Test 42: December 2003 LG LR RC
43 Prep Test 43: June 2004 LG LR RC
44 Prep Test 44: October 2004 LG LR RC
45 Prep Test 45: December 2004 LG LR RC
46 Prep Test 46: June 2005 LG LR RC
47 Prep Test 47: October 2005 LG LR RC
48 Prep Test 48: December 2005 LG LR RC
49 Prep Test 49: June 2006 LG LR RC
50 Prep Test 50: September 2006 LG LR RC
51 Prep Test 51: December 2006 LG LR RC
June 2007 (no number given) LG LR RC
52 Prep Test 52: September 2007 LG LR RC
53 Prep Test 53: December 2007 LG LR RC
54 Prep Test 54: June 2008 LG LR RC
55 Prep Test 55: October 2008 LG LR RC
56 Prep Test 56: December 2008 LG LR RC
57 Prep Test 57: June 2009 LG LR RC
58 Prep Test 58: September 2009 LG LR RC
59 Prep Test 59: December 2009 LG LR RC
60 Prep Test 60: June 2010 LG LR RC
61 Prep Test 61: October 2010 LG LR RC
62 Prep Test 62: December 2010 LG LR RC
63 Prep Test 63: June 2011 LG LR RC
64 Prep Test 64: October 2011 LG LR RC
65 Prep Test 65: December 2011 LG LR RC
66 Prep Test 66: June 2012 LG LR RC
67 Prep Test 67: October 2012 LG LR RC
68 Prep Test 68: December 2012 LG LR RC
69 Prep Test 69: June 2013 LG LR RC
70 Prep Test 70: October 2013 LG LR RC
71 Prep Test 71: December 2013 LG LR RC
72 Prep Test 72: June 2014 LG LR RC
73 Prep Test 73: September 2014 LG LR RC
74 Prep Test 74: December 2014 LG LR RC
75 Prep Test 75: June 2015 LG LR RC
76 Prep Test 76: October 2015 LG LR RC
77 Prep Test 77: December 2015 LG LR RC
78 Prep Test 78: June 2016 LG LR RC
79 Prep Test 79: September 2016 LG LR RC
80 Prep Test 80: December 2016 LG LR RC
81 Prep Test 81: June 2017 LG LR RC
Super Prep Test A LG LR RC
Super Prep Test B LG LR RC
Super Prep Test C LG LR RC
Superprep II Test C LG LR RC

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June 2007 LSAT Video Explanations


We’re very excited to announce that we have posted video explanations for the June 2007 LSAT logic games.  You can see them here: // or on You Tube – //  Dan and Mike put a lot of time into coming up with truly useful recordings.  Granted, we’re much more about teaching — i.e. making students think — than presenting solutions, but when you’re studying, it’s obviously useful to see how someone else solved a game (particularly how one of our super nerdy curriculum developers did it).  If you’d like to see explanations for the entire game, check that out on our forums: //

For our students, we’re developing video explanations for some of the toughest games in our course HW.  Unfortunately, we have to restrict those to our students in order to respect LSAC’s copyrights.

The June 2007 LSAT is a great way to get your feet wet with the LSAT.  However, make sure you take it under timed conditions!  If you’d like to get a copy, as well as some of our resources associated with that test (including a spreadsheet that will analyze your answers), take a look here: //

Have fun and good luck!

LSAT Answers and Explanations


As an LSAT teacher you end up explaining a lot of LSAT questions.  We’ve actually designed our forums to focus on providing an easily searched bank of explanations to any LSAT problem – // .  (We figured we’d save a few trees by not printing an entire book of them, plus then all those studying on their own have a place to go.)   I will say, however, that I’m always a bit cautious when I find a student asking for the explanations for an entire test.  I always wonder – and sometimes ask – whether the student has reviewed the work on his own first.  The best students first review the test themselves.  A couple of tips on reviewing your work:

1. Mark which answers you can easily eliminate and which ones are tempting.

2. Note any problem that you find difficult, find yourself guessing on, or that you find takes too long.

3. When you review your work, review all the questions you answered incorrectly, and all those you noted above (see #2).

4. For the questions you review, ask yourself the following:
– Do I understand the question (this includes the stem and the stimulus, passage, scenario, etc.)?
– Why is the correct answer right?
– Why is each wrong answer wrong?
– How could I have approached this question differently?  Is there a more efficient manner?  Is there a more intuitive approach? Read more