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The February LSAT Curse of 2010

LSAT Weather Fail

LSAT Weather Fail

Perhaps you read about the challenging experiences of Luke, our young LSAT warrior.  But Luke has now been out-done by the hapless folks who had their rescheduled February exam re-scheduled.  LSAC just announced that one of the re-take sites has been closed down because of snow!  Looking out the window here in Chelsea, I can see what they were thinking, but we’re New Yorkers.  If we can make it through Times Square, we can make it through this not-so-faux-snowpocalypse.

But truly, that’s some seriously bad luck.  In fact, that’s such bad luck that it might just be a divine message to those folks to go to med school.  No doubt some people are simply pulling out their hair.  Don’t sweat it — you might actually want to delay that LSAT score one more application cycle.  For one, a February score generally puts you in a bad (i.e., late) position in the application cycle (sort of like being in early position in Texas-Hold-Em).  Secondly, as can be expected, there are a ton of people applying to law school this year.  Let them battle it out, and walk in, stepping gingerly around their corpses.

Good luck to those who will manage to take that re-test!  For the rest of us suffering through this heavenly explanation of why we’re supposed to say “climate change” and not “global warming”, stay inside and start working through your Netflix queue.

The December 2009 LSAT Results


Well, we won’t know scores for some time, but we’ve started getting some feedback from our students.  We stay away from talking about LSAT content to respect the testing process, but we’ve had students saying that it was a pretty standard LSAT for them.  A common report goes like this: just wanted to say I felt extremely prepped and ready for the test yesterday.  A great relief to walk in there and really be “surprised” by nothing.

Here is another nice letter: //

As a warning to future LSAT-test-takers, I heard from a few students who felt they did not do their best because they found themselves pressed for time.  Even if you are great on your timing on practice tests, the reality of taking the LSAT can make you act differently.  That’s why I sometimes recommend practicing with 34 or 33 minutes per section.

On another note, turns out that LSAC will be a bit slow with sending back scores this time.  Even the LSAT elves need to take time off during the holidays.

If you’re interested in reviewing the LSAT with us, we’ll be hosting a review workshop in about a month, so stay tuned.

US Soldiers Taking the LSAT


We’ve been working to set up free and discounted prep courses for soldiers who are trying to get ready for the LSAT.  Here’s an e-mail update we received from Carina Ballard, a US soldier (a lieutenant, I believe). This really puts some LSAT struggles in perspective.

I am stationed in Tallil, Iraq which is southern Iraq, on Contingency Operating Base (COB) Adder.  It is the hottest and dustiest part of the country.

I had some issues with LSAC registering and paying for the test.  They actually emailed me the wrong registration deadline and when I tried to register it obviously didn’t work.  I had to make several phone calls (which is not easy here) to work it out.  Luckily I had saved the emails from LSAC and could verify that they had in fact misinformed me.  Eventually it worked out, but it was difficult.

I started out studying in my room, but that was problematic because my roommate works the day shift and I work the night shift so I was studying in the dark balancing books on my knees with a tiny light and trying not to make any noise.  So that really didn’t work.  Instead, I started coming into the trailers where my Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is and working there all night, but a lot of people come in and out so I eventually moved out of there as well.  I ended up having the most success working in a spare office in my Battalion Commander’s office trailer.  It was the only quiet place and very few people were in it in the middle of the night. Read more