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I’m in love with the June 2007 LSAT and I Need to Tell You All About It! – Part 2


Blog Banner for Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - I'm in Love with the 2007 LSAT and I Need to Tell You All About It by Chris GentryThis is a continuation of a series of posts exploring the June 2007 LSAT in detail. My goal is to demonstrate where hidden opportunities lie; then, using these analyses as a template, you can find those hidden opportunities in other practice tests. And, of course, find them on test day! Why the June 2007 LSAT? Because this is the LSAT all potential test takers can freely access; this is where most test takers probably begin their prep. And I want to give you some help from the ground up, so to speak!

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In our continued struggle for LSAT mastery, there are many vital considerations: Read more