Telling Your Story: Specificity Wins


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A personal statement is really no more than telling a story—one that illuminates the “you” a law school would be lucky to have in its student body. In this series, “Telling Your Story,” a jdMission Senior Consultant will discuss how elements of storytelling can—and should—be applied to your personal statement.

When writing your personal statement, using specificity wherever you can is always good. For example, writing the following is fine:

My brother was like a dad to me, in a way, always looking out for me and caring for me like a parent.

But consider instead writing:

My brother was like a dad to me, in a way. He taught me how to ask a girl out, where to take her on a date and how to throw a football.

Another example:

For my high school summer job, I drove a school bus, hauling kids all summer to camp. I had to face a lot of chaos on that bus.

Compare that to the following example:

At 16, right after getting my license, I drove a school bus for the summer. Every Monday in June, July and August, I hauled a new group of frenetic kids 150 miles to summer camp, praying I could get them all there safely and on time. I easily listened to “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” 99 times too many.

So what is the takeaway? Always strive to be a little more specific in your stories. 📝

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