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Learn GRE® Math in a Day


Manhattan Prep GRE Blog - Learn GRE Math in a Day by Manhattan Prep

Need to crush the GRE to get into your dream grad program, but haven’t taken a math class since high school? Is algebra a foreign language to you? Does the mere thought of doing math trigger deep-seated trauma? Or maybe you’re not allergic to math, but your skills are rusty and you could use a thorough refresher. Perhaps you’re actually quite confident in your math abilities, but you want expert instruction to reach the highest level as quickly as possible.

We developed our GRE Math in a Day workshop for anyone who wants to gain all the fundamentals of GRE math content and strategy as efficiently as possible—just one day, to be exact. Read more

Boost your GRE score with Crunch Time



A lot of GRE students choose to study on their own but need a bit of extra help to feel ready for test day. A full prep course may not be the right fit. Continuing to study alone isn’t going to cut it, either.

If this sounds like you (or a GRE studier you know), check out Crunch Time!

Crunch Time is a new kind of prep program we developed specifically for students who have already learned most of the GRE content, but don’t feel confident enough to take the test yet. This 2-hour online workshop will focus on game day strategies and quant practice questions to help you apply your GRE knowledge under pressure.

Some workshop highlights include:

  • Timed and proctored GRE problem sets to simulate the real exam experience
  • Guided review on the most effective ways to analyze your practice work, led by our GRE experts
  • Open Q&A session to address your concerns
  • Post-workshop email support

We’ve had this program in the lab for while, and we’re really excited to finally bring it to you! The first of these workshops will be offered on Tuesday July 14th.  If you think some time with a GRE master would help push you to your final goal score, you should definitely give it a try. Learn more and sign up right here.

See you there!