LSAT Reading Comprehension Club, Week 2


Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog - LSAT Reading Comprehension Club, Week 2 by Matt Shinners

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Welcome to our LSAT Reading Comprehension Club! Like a book club, but more LSAT. And fewer pages. Read more about it, and why we think it’ll help you with Reading Comp, in our first LSAT Reading Comprehension Club article here.

Each week, I’ll be picking 4-6 articles that mirror the content you’re likely to see on the LSAT. Read them, summarize them. Heck, even write a few LSAT-style questions for them! And feel free to discuss them in the comments section below.

Law: For Whom the SCOTUS Tolls

Humanities: Is it Hip to be The Square?

Natural Sciences: Edit Your Jeans Genes

Social Sciences: Keep Your Enemies Close

Enjoy the articles, and see you next week! ?

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Matt Shinners Manhattan Prep LSAT InstructorMatt Shinners is a Manhattan Prep instructor and jdMission Senior Consultant based in New York City. After receiving a degree in Biochemistry from Boston College, Matt scored a 180 on his LSAT and enrolled in Harvard Law School. There’s nothing that makes him happier than seeing his students receive the scores they want to get into the schools of their choice. Check out Matt’s upcoming LSAT courses here

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