Matt Shinners

New York, NY


  • Boston College
  • Harvard (JD)

After receiving a science degree from Boston College, Matt scored a 180 on his LSAT and enrolled in Harvard Law School. Not wanting to use yet another of his degrees, he started a career in test prep. This path eventually led him to Manhattan Prep, where he currently serves as Senior Manager of Product Strategy for the LSAT, on top of being an instructor.

While Matt may not be a practicing attorney, he loved law school. Because of this, there’s nothing that makes him happier than seeing his students receive the score they want to get into the school of their choice. He uses his years of experience to predict pitfalls before they become an issue.

He spends his free time in pursuits as varied as his degrees. When he’s not training for an extreme sporting event, he’s editing board game manuals or playing the final products. He has written for several online publications, including Cracked, and he’s been referenced as an expert on law school admissions by US News & World Report. There’s nothing he finds more relaxing than taking his dogs for a walk through the park. He’s also licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in New Hampshire, so after you find the love of your life in law school, he’s more than happy to officiate.

What students are saying

“Matt is AWESOME! I learned very well with his teaching style - and his use of examples really helped to drive some of the points home.”

What students are saying

“He is extremely patient in answering questions and I always felt comfortable in his class.”

What students are saying

“He doesn't just prepare us for the LSAT, he also shares tips about our law school applications, giving us insight into what schools look for in a candidate. He goes above and beyond.”