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FINALLY! December LSAT Scores Are HERE!


She's probably hanging out with your December LSAT score


That pretty much sums up the collective sentiment of December 2011 LSAT takers everywhere. Forget Waldo and Carmen Sandiego, where the #$&% are the December LSAT scores?! Well, the wait is over:  LSAT scores started rolling out at approximately 5:20pm EST. The curve for the December exam was -14 for a 170, -28 for a 160.

Remember, it is inadvisable to open up that email from LSAC while driving a car, operating heavy machinery, or standing in the same room as minors or others who might object to vulgarity.

Lastly, remember to check out our free review of the December LSAT happening next Tuesday night. Two of our geekiest instructors will be on hand to review some of the more difficult games from the exam, as well as give their sage-like advise on whether or not you should consider a retake.

Best of luck!

While you are waiting for your Dec 2011 LSAT Scores


I thought I would pass on some words of encouragement and an interesting article I came across on the web today.  First, the encouragement:

If you took the December LSAT and are feeling pretty good about the way the test “felt” a few Saturday’s ago, congratulations! Be sure to come by our free Review the LSAT Workshop happening on January 10th.

You’ve made it this far and you ought to be commended – it’s a long and often stressful road to law school! Hopefully now you are seeing the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ right in front of you. You’re almost there!

Law Enforcement: Putting the 'Prudence' in Jurisprudence

Speaking of roads to law school, I came across this excellent article in The Harvard Crimson this weekend. This particular article speaks to how nontraditional some paths to law school can be, and uses the example of three Harvard Law students who were police officers before deciding to go back to school.