Brian Birdwell

Portland, OR


  • Trinity University

Brian has achieved 99th-percentile scores on the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE. His 12 years of teaching experience combine with this formidable testing skill to provide students a complete test prep education, from content mastery to training for peak performance.

Whether in a workshop for 50 people or in a one-on-one coaching session, whether online or in-person, Brian’s teaching is regarded as both engaging and accessible. Students most frequently speak of his ability to connect with them, his enthusiastic (“even fun”) presentations, and his effectiveness at teaching.

Like his amazing colleagues at Manhattan Prep, Brian has a long list of interests and wears many hats. When not teaching, he’s probably singing, laughing, traveling, reading books of ancient Chinese wisdom, or all of the above. He’s been a songwriter in Texas and a massage therapist in Hawaii, he’s helped a blind man become a filmmaker and he once sold a million dollars’ worth of watermelons in 6 weeks.

To get a taste of Brian’s teaching and pick up some LSAT tools, come to one of his free online workshops, Zen and the Art of LSAT.

What students are saying

“Brian is an excellent instructor. I would recommend his class to everyone.”

What students are saying

“Great teacher and very engaging. I enjoyed working with Brian a lot.”

What students are saying

“Brian clearly knows the material very well and has a good ability to communicate in a simple and understandable way.”