Emily Howell

Washington, DC


  • Yale University
  • George Washington University (grad)

Emily Howell holds a B.A. in English from Yale University and 99th-percentile GRE scores. By day, she is pursuing a master’s degree in education policy at George Washington University.

At no point in college did Emily consider working in education (she was too busy reading books for class and singing in choirs for fun). She stumbled into it after a year in AmeriCorps tutoring middle schoolers made her realize that she was passionate about education, and she taught four years of seventh grade before leaving the classroom to go to graduate school. She loves working with students of all ages, especially those “aha” moments when they see the results of their own hard work.

When she’s not being a teacher or a student, Emily can be found singing in a choir, cooking, doing crossword puzzles, or making another cup of tea.