Kevin Shen

London, UK


  • Stanford
  • Wharton (MBA)

Kevin graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in computer systems engineering and an M.A. in sociology. Kevin received his MBA from Wharton before moving to London. He nerdily took the GMAT on his 23rd birthday, scoring a 770.

Kevin grew up in sunny Southern California but currently finds himself in the much less sunny UK. After graduating from Stanford, Kevin worked for a couple of years in New York City and decided that information security consulting was definitely not what he wanted to do and decided to pursue an MBA. Spending his summer working at a casino in Las Vegas and landing a job at a ticket-selling internet startup in London following graduation, Kevin learned that he was down with the arts and entertainment industry but not so much with the office job. Therefore, after investing silly sums of money in his education, Kevin has decided (for now) to pursue a career in the arts – acting, producing, or doing whatever comes his way. Kevin spends his time in London going to an absurd amount of theatre, watching movies and reading Oscar blogs, and trying to stay in shape (mostly by playing Ultimate Frisbee), all of which he adamantly argues are now part of his job description. Unfortunately, the last task is made more difficult by his slight obsession with exploring Michelin-starred restaurants and eating copious amounts of food in general. He also likes striking up conversations with strangers, increasing his adrenaline levels by doing adventurous things, and traveling to the most random places he can find. Recent trips have included the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter and Chernobyl.

What students are saying

“He knows the content well and offers very creative ways to approach problems.”

What students are saying

“Kevin is engaging and funny, which always makes the class exciting.”

What students are saying

“He is very clever and has deep knowledge of the GMAT.”