Reed Arnold

New York, NY


  • University of Virginia (B.A.)
  • University of Virginia (M.S.)

Reed Arnold graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, philosophy, and mathematics, and a master’s degree in commerce. He then promptly threw out years of practical education to move to Los Angeles to pursue writing and acting, which his parents were totally super psyched about.*

Having always scored highly on them, Reed started teaching standardized tests in order to avoid waiting tables, not because he has anything against waiting, it’s just that getting a good serving job in L.A. is about as competitive as landing a writing gig on a popular sitcom and he would probably spill too often anyway. He started with the SAT and ACT and quickly moved to the GMAT. He receives consistently high marks from his students, who frequently cite his sense of humor, approachability, and earnest hope for their success as reasons why they enjoyed his class.

He moved to New York City in 2017 to continue both his creative and educational endeavors, and does not miss L.A. traffic in the slightest.

He produced two of his own plays in Los Angeles and has won a few minor awards for his comedic short scripts and films in little festivals around the country but none you’ve heard of or care about. Aside from teaching and writing, Reed enjoys Coca-Cola, long road trips, reading novels, Chipotle burritos, and pondering how destructive the ‘selfie’ will be to our social and moral fabric as a nation and a species.
*Parents could not be reached to verify this claim.

What students are saying

“Reed has been a fantastic teacher. He is always willing to ask questions, engage in productive discussion, and challenge us in our thinking. He makes class engaging and intellectually stimulating.”

What students are saying

“Reed is lively and passionate. He can make even the most mundane topics come to life.”

What students are saying

“Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable of the test, and understands nuances of the exam I would never figure out studying on my own.”