Seb Moosapoor

Los Angeles, CA


  • UCLA
  • University of Michigan (Ph.D.)

Seb has been an instructor with Manhattan Prep since November of 2008, previously living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he completed his Ph.D. in economics. Prior to teaching GMAT classes, Seb taught economics at the University of Michigan as a graduate student instructor. He scored a 770 on his last official GMAT.

Other than teaching GMAT classes, Seb only really enjoys one thing: watching soccer. His lack of interest in every other activity is probably the most interesting thing about him.

What students are saying

“Seb sprinkled his lessons with tips and comments, which were very useful, especially for different learning styles.”

What students are saying

“Seb seems to know the GMAT inside and out. He really does get the content beyond just the tips and tricks.”

What students are saying

“Intelligent, great communicator, and truly cares about students' understanding.”