Abby Berry

Philadelphia, PA


  • MIT
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.)

A stay-at-home mom by day and GMAT rock star by night, Abby spends her free time working towards her doctorate in education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Abby has always loved learning and has always found ways to teach, whether by TA-ing a freshman class to design a mission to Mars during her senior year at MIT or by leading Citizen Schools apprenticeships during her consulting years. Yet no one was more shocked than Abby to discover her passion for teaching when she became a Teach For America corps member, during what was intended as a two-year hiatus from her consulting career.

Abby originally joined Manhattan Prep (back when a 750 was a 99th-percentile score) as a way to pay for her very expensive public school teaching habit. However, after five years at her TFA placement school teaching science to kindergarten through eighth-grade students (yes, that’s right: all nine grades), Abby returned to school full-time to work on her doctorate in education at the University of Pennsylvania. MPrep has become her way to fund her even more expensive graduate school habit.

While passionate about her teaching, Abby also loves the broader opportunities that MPrep has provided beyond direct teaching that enable her to combine her teaching craft with her knowledge from the field of education, such as working on the company’s GMAT Quant curriculum design and co-authoring the GMAT Roadmap.

What students are saying

“Abby is friendly, approachable, and engaging. She made a 3-hour class interesting and incredibly thought-provoking.”

What students are saying

“Abby has a great sense of humor and ability to make the GMAT less intimidating.”

What students are saying

“I could not have been more impressed with her teaching abilities.”