Allison Bell

San Francisco, CA


  • Duke University
  • University of Virginia

Allison has earned 99th-percentile scores on the SAT and LSAT. After growing up in Florida and South Dakota, she was ready for a milder climate and attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. After taking the LSAT during college, Allison briefly considered attending law school, but instead followed her heart to become a public school teacher. Allison now has nine years of public school teaching under her belt and a master’s degree in reading education from the University of Virginia. She has worked as a reading specialist and English teacher, and she currently teaches sixth-grade history in Arlington, Virginia. She has been teaching with Manhattan Prep for eight years, enjoying the opportunity to use her test-taking skills to help others achieve their dreams. In her free time, Allison loves to hike, kayak, rock climb, travel, and spend time with her adorable dog, Hunter.