Andrew Mara

Washington, DC


  • Yale (Ph.D.)

Andrew has been an instructor since 2008, helping hundreds of students improve their GMAT scores. He has a Ph.D. from Yale and helped establish the Manhattan Prep DC office. Andrew brings seven semesters of university teaching experience into the classroom.

Andrew’s career as a biologist was studded with awards and honors, including the J. Spangler Nicholas Prize for best thesis, a Department of Homeland Security Graduate Fellowship, and numerous publications in obscure academic journals that he hopes may one day appear as Reading Comprehension samples on the GMAT.

Upon earning a 780 on his first attempt at the GMAT, Andrew was accepted to the MIT Sloan School of Management and was technically a member of the Class of 2010 for about a month before he accepted a position as an operations research analyst in Washington, DC. However, Andrew couldn’t leave his passion for teaching behind, so he came to Manhattan Prep to continue interpreting inane arguments and translating obtuse reading passages.

When he’s not working, Andrew likes to fish, read to his daughter, and pretend that he is an economist. He thinks he would have made an excellent NFL quarterback if he was faster, stronger, tougher, and could actually throw a football.

What students are saying

“Andrew is practical, honest, and logical. He has great strategies and a wealth of knowledge and experience with the GMAT.”

What students are saying

“Andrew was very friendly and clearly cared about the students in his class.”

What students are saying

“His teaching style is casual which I personally really enjoyed because it took a lot of the pressure off.”