Avi Gutman

Toronto, ON


  • The Technion
  • NYU Stern (MBA)

Avi joined Manhattan Prep as a full-time GMAT and LSAT instructor in 2011. He has since taught courses, tutored private students, contributed to our GMAT blog, managed some of our GMAT instructional products, created some of our GMAT curriculum, and served as an Instructor Manager as well. His students take his class because their friends tell them to, or because they’ve read his online reviews.

Born in Cambridge, England to a Scottish Mom and a Moldovan Dad, Avi made his first international move to Israel when he was one year old. Growing up, Avi maintained separate languages for communicating with each of his parents, and doing so helped him on his path to become an international man of mystery.

Having achieved the highest score in his high school on the Israeli SATs, Avi was tasked with using standardized tests to assess the new recruits during his 3-year mandatory military service. He then started teaching for the Israeli SATs in 2004, and further honed his teaching skills during his MBA at NYU Stern, where he took on the position of teaching fellow and taught his classmates several courses including Operations, Foundations of Finance, and New Venture Financing. Upon graduation, Avi went to work for the world’s largest hedge fund before realizing that with a 780 GMAT and a 172 LSAT he could do what he loves on a full-time basis.

Now living in Toronto as a husband and father, Avi spends most of his free time advancing his ambitious goal of revolutionizing math education worldwide: he is working on a YouTube channel and experimenting with different ways to influence school teachers. When Avi takes time off, you’ll probably find him on the slopes, teaching his son how to determine whether a number is prime, while linking turns on his snowboard.

What students are saying

“Avi not only knows the material inside and out, but genuinely enjoys teaching it. He finds ways to make the content relatable.”

What students are saying

“My instructor - Avi Gutman - was phenomenal. One of the best teachers I have ever had. Every aspect of the course has been clearly thought out. ”

What students are saying

“Avi is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor. He coaches students to identify multiple ways of approaching a problem.”