Dhivya Arumugham

New York, NY


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (MBA)

As a Teach for America alum, Dhivya taught 8th-grade math in Prince George’s County, Maryland. During this time, she took a GMAT course with Manhattan Prep and scored a 760 on the official exam the first time around. She holds a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MBA from Kellogg.

Dhivya has always loved teaching. She first began tutoring in high school, and continued doing so at UNC as an undergraduate TA for economics courses and for a course focused on the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Her experience teaching and entertaining unpredictable and bouncing-off-the-wall 8th-graders was a total 180 from her prior job in finance at Capital One. She’s excited to use her experience as a Manhattan Prep student and a full-time math teacher to help people master the GMAT.

At Carolina, she decided to study math, economics, and chemistry. She couldn’t have imagined going to college anywhere else but down the road from her high school in Chapel Hill. And she feels the same way about Kellogg. After Kellogg, she spent a couple of years as a consultant with McKinsey.

Dhivya lives in Brooklyn, New York. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, snowboarding, bowling, and anything math-related. Her love for bowling is evidenced by her joining a bowling league at Kellogg. And her love for math is evidenced by her having memorized 420 digits of pi.