Emily Van Dam

Ann Arbor, MI


  • University of Illinois (grad)
  • University of Michigan (JD student)

After receiving her master’s in civil engineering, Emily decided to join the Peace Corps. She served in Tanzania, teaching math and physics for two years, during which time she decided to apply to law school. She scored a 174 on the LSAT.

As a seemingly eternal student currently studying law at the University of Michigan, Emily enjoys learning as much as she loves teaching, although she has promised her family that this will be the last degree she seeks. While in the Peace Corps she was a member of the Shika na Mikono committee, where they worked to develop curricula incorporating more hands-on learning into science classes (aka how to make a physics lesson involving lighting something on fire), and enjoyed working with her students despite the extremely challenging environment. Back in the U.S., Emily is enjoying her re-introduction to cheese and fast internet access, and in her free time enjoys reading, planning her next great adventure, and taking way too many pictures of her boyfriend’s adorable dog (an English cocker spaniel).