Gerald McMillan

Austin, TX


  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Columbia (JD)

Gerald is a rumor whispered on the lips of the psychometric (the super villains behind standardized exams). For though by day this misunderstood literary genius wrestles with his first novel, by night he cloaks himself in shadow and pedagogy to bring justice to the LSAT and GMAT.

A decade spent honing his skills as a test prep vigilante earned Gerald an invitation to join the finest team of hero-instructors ever assembled — Manhattan Prep. In some ways it was inevitable. The arctic blood coursing through his veins grants this scion of Norway power over even the coldest logic, and his sense of humor and talent for communicating a test’s inner code make him a natural leader of logicians.

Before donning his mantle as the Didact Knight, Gerald studied history at the University of Texas. He then spent a year developing and writing scripts for a small studio, where a freak screenwriting accident compelled him to Columbia Law. He has since defended the innocent as Assistant Attorney General McMillan and protected the authorial as counsel to a literary agency. His hobbies include reading, swimming, salsa (dancing and dipping), attending midnight movie premieres, caring too much about college football, and questing for the world’s ultimate Oaxacan mole. He would also ski more often if only mountains and snow would make themselves readily available in Austin, TX.

What students are saying

“Gerald knows his stuff and is willing to break information down in order for students to understand it.”

What students are saying

“Gerald made LSAT preparation enjoyable which is far from what it generally is like for me!”

What students are saying

“Gerald is a very effective and engaging teacher. He was always on-point and responsive to students' points of view.”