Jessica Hanzlik

Chicago, IL


  • Ohio State University
  • University of Oxford, Dominican University

Jessica has been teaching since she was nine (if forcing one’s siblings to “play school” counts as teaching) and is finally a “real” teacher, in the hardest job of her life — teaching math and science to middle schoolers in Chicago.

Jessica graduated from Ohio State University with degrees in physics and French and then attended the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. At Oxford, she “read for” (Brit-speak for studied) degrees in particle physics and social policy. Jessica then taught math and science to 8th graders in a public charter school in Chicago through Teach For America while earning her 3rd master’s degree (this time in education). She now teaches math to 7th graders at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. She scored a 760 on the GMAT and thoroughly enjoys the privilege of teaching adults in the evenings after her days of battling for the hearts and minds of America’s youth. In her free time, Jessica likes attending aerobics classes, watching musicals, and reading young adult literature.

What students are saying

“Jessica is a good instructor engaging the class and ensuring that we understand the material being presented.”

What students are saying

“There is absolutely no doubt that Jessica is a master of the GMAT.”

What students are saying

“Jessica was great. She had great energy and patience and explained all the problems clearly.”