Mike Morgan

Philadelphia, PA


  • Haverford College
  • Yale School of Management (MBA)

After graduating from Haverford College, Mike took his economics degree and began teaching math in the Bronx. After seven fun-filled years teaching and coaching rowdy middle schoolers, Mike decided to use his 99th-percentile GMAT score to help gain admission into the School of Management at Yale. While pursuing his MBA, he continued to be involved in education, finally making use of his undergrad degree as an econ TA. Upon finishing his MBA, Mike took a job as a strategy consultant, where he spends long flights each week thinking about the best way to tackle Data Sufficiency GMAT questions.

Mike is a transplant from California, having told himself he would only stay on the East Coast for a few years after college. Over a decade later, he is finding it harder to convince himself he will ever escape back to the warm weather he loves. When he isn’t daydreaming about the GMAT or California, he is most likely playing golf, rooting for the Cincinnati Reds, or off exploring a new country. In the coming years, he is hoping to get to Colombia and Vietnam, and he would be thrilled to discuss the best strategies for scoring free tickets with credit card points with anyone who is interested.