Omar Qureshi

Los Angeles, CA


  • Johns Hopkins
  • Stanford Law

Omar graduated from Johns Hopkins. After college, he worked at a hedge fund and then decided to take his 99th-percentile score and teach the LSAT in some awesome cities including Miami, LA, and Las Vegas. He also performs standup comedy, which is his one true love (the LSAT is a close second).

He believes the LSAT is excellent because it can be learned with enough commitment and hard work. In his experience, the key to success on the LSAT is thinking clearly amid the chaos of the test. He loves helping students take control of the test to see the logic (and the right answers) clearly and with well-deserved confidence.

In addition to performing, Omar also loves to watch comedy. He spends an unreasonable number of hours watching his favorites—Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, and Mitch Hedberg. He takes Mad Men too seriously and his favorite writer is F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was once a finalist to be cast on a Food Network show, which ended disappointingly and crushed his dream of taking over Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

What students are saying

“Understands what the test asks and communicates it at a level newbies can understand.”

What students are saying

“Omar was very approachable and always willing to stay after class to answer any questions. ”

What students are saying

“I really appreciated his friendliness.”