Sarah Ryan

London, UK


  • Duke
  • Wharton School (MBA)

Sarah went to The Wharton School, earning an MBA with Honors in finance and beginning her teaching career. She was a TA for financial accounting for Wharton undergraduates as well as marketing for executive MBAs.

With Manhattan Prep, Sarah has taught students all over the world, ranging from Australia, Kenya, India, Luxembourg, France and everywhere in between. Given how much she loved Wharton, she is keen to help Manhattan Prep students get into the school of their choice. She is known for her no-nonsense approach, helping students develop a disciplined approach to the test that will yield results. After graduating from Duke University, Sarah worked as an investment banker in Chicago and London. A Chicago native, Sarah has travelled all over the world, visiting over 70 countries, but makes her home in London. If she’s not teaching the GMAT, you are very likely to find her on a yoga mat or Pilates reformer.

What students are saying

“She is very enthusiastic and supportive, organized, and an expert in content.”

What students are saying

“Knows material very well!”

What students are saying

“Sarah is straightforward, strict, and energetic.”