Scott Miller

Raleigh-Durham, NC


  • Daytona State College

Scott has over 20 years of experience as a teacher and trainer, and a love for teaching that led him to some interesting careers. If there is such a thing as a “typical” LSAT instructor, he’s probably not one.

Scott started skydiving in college, shamelessly abandoning his plans to be an English teacher to spend sixteen years working as a skydiving instructor. Training people to stay calm and focused while throwing themselves out of airplanes kept him constantly motivated to improve his teaching skills. Gaining a reputation as an innovative trainer, he coached and mentored other instructors, was invited to lecture at major skydiving conferences and events, and ran advanced training courses for elite groups such as the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team.

He later joined the staff of Carolina Tiger Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary in North Carolina, where he taught children about endangered species and trained volunteers to work safely around tigers, leopards, and other dangerous animals. More recently he’s helped people from all over the world improve their computer skills as an online instructor with Goodwill’s innovative learning project,

Earning a 173 on the LSAT was not in any way an effortless endeavor for Scott. He worked hard for his score, and he has as much fun helping people master the challenges of the test as he had overcoming those challenges himself. When he’s not teaching an LSAT class you might find him volunteering as a tour guide back at the tiger sanctuary, or out on some lake in a small racing sailboat trying to figure out how to make it go faster!!

What students are saying

“He was an engaging lecturer and did a wonderful job making sure all students participated actively in our sessions.”

What students are saying

“He had a thorough understanding of the material and seemed passionate about wanting to pass that on to the rest of us.”

What students are saying

“Scott was great!”