Victoria Crutchfield

New York, NY


  • Harvard

A teacher by day and director by night, Victoria has tutored or taught the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, French, English, and Shakespeare. During a brief flirtation with academia, she took the GRE (166Q/170V), which she now teaches at Manhattan Prep.

Victoria is a native New Yorker who has lived in the city her whole life, except for four years spent at Harvard, where she studied literature and dramatic arts and directed productions for all three (yes, three!) student opera societies. After graduation, she embarked on a career directing theater and opera and discovered a love of teaching along the way. She’s taught more test-prep courses than she can count, and she spent a year at her own old middle school teaching English and remembering what it’s like to be 12.

Teaching and directing turn out to be remarkably similar: each requires leadership, creativity, and insight into the learning process. In both the classroom and the rehearsal room, Victoria strives to create a supportive atmosphere where students and performers alike can take risks and grow. As a teacher, she especially enjoys helping students take ownership of the material, and sharing her love of algebra and exponents.

What students are saying

“She’s accessible, patient, works with us individually, and spends a lot of time breaking down problems in class.”

What students are saying

“Victoria is a phenomenal teacher. She really takes the time to explain subject areas that are a little fuzzy while also taking the time to hear everyone out.”

What students are saying

“Such an amazing teacher and overall human being!”