Will Walker

Boston, MA


  • Williams College
  • Harvard Divinity School (M.T.S.)
  • Harvard Law School (in progress)

Will graduated magna cum laude from Williams College and has a master’s in philosophy of religion from Harvard Divinity School. He is currently a law student at Harvard Law School and scored a 177 on the LSAT.

Will’s first experience teaching, in high school, was when he tried to fill his mandated “volunteer” hours by tutoring first graders after school. On his first day of work, his class threw pencils at him and tried to put glue in his hair. Despite the harsh public reaction, Will immediately fell in love with teaching, and from that day forward, he vowed to do as much of it as he could.

As he grew older, his pedagogical interests grew broader. Tutoring first and second graders after school turned into a summer working with a 9th-grade math class at KIPP New York, a Bronx-based charter school. He even spent some time prepping students for the cursed SAT—an episode that taught him that every standardized test is learnable and beatable.

Now, Will resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he’s a law student by day and teaches the LSAT for Manhattan Prep by night. He maintains strong opinions on the appropriate ranking of Star Wars movies and the best phase of Bruce Springsteen’s career. He still loves teaching as much as when he started, but—for fear of premature baldness—asks that his students no longer put glue in his hair.

What students are saying

“Will works so hard to make sure that we are comfortable with what we are learning, and is so encouraging...he seems like he really cares about us as individual students.”

What students are saying

“His teaching style was easy to understand and I always felt like I knew what was going on or could ask questions.”

What students are saying

“Will was an excellent instructor who tailored parts of the course to our specific needs.”