Articles published in September 2007

Admissions Consultant Panel Discussion: The Audio Recordings


A couple weeks ago, we promised an audio recording of our Admissions Consultant Panel. Today, we’re releasing it to the public! To download the audio, simply right click on the link and select “Save Link As…”. After clicking “OK” on the next prompt, your download will begin. The panel discussion has been split up into various subsections for your convenience.

Table of Contents

1. Panel Introduction
2. MBA Mission Introduction
3. MBA Mission Case Study
4. Expartus Introduction
5. Expartus Case Study
6. Clear Admit Introduction
7. Clear Admit Case Study
8. Stacey Blackman Introduction
9. Stacey Blackman Case Study

  • Entire Program Note: This is a very large file. We highly recommend not downloading this file unless you have a very fast internet connection.
  • Revised Claims on Veritas’ Website


    A few weeks ago, a student called in to ask us why Veritas asserts that they work directly with the GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, to update their materials four times each year. Knowing that any such practice between the administrators of a standardized test and a company that teaches that very same exam would be a gross misuse of power, I initially didn’t believe the student’s claims. But when I visited this page, I saw the following:

    Veritas' False GMAC Claim

    However, if you visit the site today, you’ll notice that Veritas has removed the language that implies they work with the GMAC to update their curriculum.

    I’m assuming the reason that they took the language down is because it wasn’t true. However, if anyone else has any idea why such language once existed on their website in the first place, I’d definitely like to know.

    Free GMAT Practice Exam is the CAT’s Meow


    ManhattanGMAT is now offering a FREE GMAT Computer Adaptive Test to absolutely anyone and everyone who wants to take one. This FREE test is one of the 6 CAT exams that we offer to students enrolled in our 9-session classes and draws from the same pool of questions. This is a great FREE opportunity to take a ManhattanGMAT practice exam and see for yourself how our Assessment Reports, continually updated and re-calibrated Question Pool, and detailed solutions to every single question can help you master the GMAT. As if you needed another reason, did we mention that it’s FREE? Just click on any of the above links and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up!