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Free GMAT Flash Cards for the iPhone & iPod Touch.


If you have ever downloaded our popular free GMAT flash cards, you might have been one of the many individuals who requested that we make this resource available as an iPhone/iPod Touch app. You also probably heard us tell you that we were working on developing this very app and were excited over the prospects of a mobile version of our flash cards. That apparently wasn’t good enough for you guys because you flooded our phone lines with requests to get the app out faster and with more features such as flagging cards right or wrong and shuffling the deck. We added those features to the docket, but it still didn’t prevent you from following us out of our office, clamoring over this flash cards iPhone app. “Create an interface that is enabled for gestures so you can flick the cards!” “Create an iPhone-friendly version of the Manhattan GMAT website!” “Build in functionality to cast spells, like Harry Potter!”

While we were baffled by the spell request, we implemented the other two suggestions and produced a flaggable, gesture-realistic, and self-contained version of our flash cards that is now available in the iTunes app store for free!

We hope this is finally enough for you guys because our email server is about to explode from all your flash cards requests. However, we know this isn’t the case and in a few months from now, you’ll probably be asking us to make a new version for the iPad. Well, we hope that these flash cards keep you busy for at least a little while.

Also, please remember to rate the cards in the app store!

Go to B-School. Get a Tax Deduction? It’s More Likely Than You Think!


The New York Times blog, “Bucks”, recently published two in-depth articles about a recent court ruling that has made MBA tuition tax deductible provided that you can prove that an MBA can enhance your career. There are some subtleties to the ruling; for example, you cannot deduct the cost of your MBA if you use it to switch careers and in some cases, you might have to provide written proof that the specific classes you took to earn your MBA are directly relevant to your established career. It’s worth giving both articles a full and thorough read, as this new ruling has the potential to save you a significant sum of money.

New York Times: When You Can Deduct the Cost of Your M.B.A.

New York Times: More on M.B.A. Tuition Reductions

Considering An MBA? Attend A Free Long Term Planning Workshop Led by mbaMission


If you live in DC, LA, or Chicago, we invite you to attend a Long Term Planning workshop led by our friends at mbaMission this Thursday, January 28th. The workshop will teach you how to create an admissions timeline, accelerate your personal goals, and weigh the differences between various MBA programs, along with other useful tips. We’re very excited to be able to host these events for our community. Keep in mind, however, that while these events are free, space is limited, so select your location below and register today!

Thursday 1/28/09 6:30 – 8PM
Thursday 1/28/09 6:30 – 8PM
West Hollywood
Thursday 1/28/09 7 – 8:30PM

For those of you who do not live in the cities above or who miss the event, mbaMission will be running more Long Term Planning Workshops in the coming weeks. Two will take place online, one in Philadelphia, and one in New York. View our full schedule of events to register.

Thanks to mbaMission for putting these events on!

Just in Time for the Holidays: TEP Charter Receives Manhattan GMAT Donation


In August, Manhattan GMAT declared that it would donate 10% of its revenue to TEP, a charter school in Washington Heights (a neighborhood in NYC) started by Manhattan GMAT Chairman Zeke Vanderhoek. Manhattan GMAT has finally made good on its pledge and donated over $100,000 to the school.

Manhattan GMAT believes the teaching profession should attract the most talented candidates to the field, and we are proud to support the students at teachers at TEP as they pursue this goal.

If you would like to learn more about TEP, please visit them at

MBA Mission: Long-Term Planning


Our friend at MBA Mission, Jeremy Shinewald, has provided us with the first of two parts of an MBA Article that discusses how to plan for the road ahead when you apply to b-school. Jeremy expounds upon the importance of being proactive in a meaningful way. He recommends:

  • Visiting campuses now
  • Meeting with alumni or current students
  • Taking a leadership role in the community
  • Advancing personal achievements
  • Enrolling in additional courses

Of course, the article does read much better than the “Top 5” list I wrote above, so check out the article and get started planning your MBA!

Be sure to check back next week for the second part of the article.

MBA Podcaster & ManhattanGMAT


ManhattanGMAT’s very own Chris Ryan is a guest speaker on the newest installment of MBA Podcaster. This podcast is perfect for anyone who is just starting to ask questions about GMAT Prep and wants to know what steps are next. Still, at 33 minutes, the podcast offers many tips even for students who have already begun preparing for the exam.

Right click here to download the full version (33:06 – 30.2MB).

As always, you can view a full listing of ManhattanGMAT’s podcasts, visit our News and Media page.

Write Essays, Win Cash Prizes for B-School

gmat cash prizes

While the monetary rewards of business school can be tremendous, oftentimes the cost to get there can be great (and we don’t just mean the emotional trauma of grueling work). However, for those applicants looking to ease the financial burden of b-school, look no further. Without further adieu, we present to you the Beat the GMAT Scholarship:

ManhattanGMAT is proud to announce that we will co-sponsoring the annual Beat the GMAT scholarship once again this year!

Beat The GMAT is an MBA discussion community dedicated to helping business school candidates achieve their full potential on the GMAT and in the b-school admissions process by connecting them with the best resources available. To this end, Beat the GMAT has teamed up with ManhattanGMAT and Stacy Blackman Consulting to provide scholarships for the third year in a row. The 2008 program will provide over $15,000 worth of prizes to 5 deserving individuals. Prizes include GMAT registration subsidies courtesy of Beat the GMAT, admissions consulting services provided by Stacey Blackman Consulting, and free enrollment in a 9-week ManhattanGMAT prep course.

It is the hope of Beat the GMAT and our sponsors that the scholarships will make a profound impact on the lives of five deserving individuals, said Eric Bahn, founder of Beat the GMAT.

Applications are due May 1, 2008, and winners will be announced May 22. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

¢ Finished college, or in final year of college
¢ Plans to redeem awards in the next 12 months
¢ Has a PayPal account to receive cash prizes

For further details on how to apply, visit //

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Business School Application Round… (Part 2)


Jeremy Shinewald, Founder of mbaMission is back this week with part two of his article about the challenges this year’s crop of applicants face while applying to business school:

Long-Term Planning: The Details

By: Jeremy Shinewald of mbaMission

Last week, in Part One of this two-part series on long-term planning, we focused on big-picture issues ” identifying macro ways to significantly bolster your profile on your way to becoming a more competitive candidate next year. Today, we look at pragmatic and practical steps that you can take to ensure that you will have the time needed to put your best foot forward. In some ways, these are micro tips for the uber-motivated ” those who leave absolutely nothing to chance.

With some foresight and planning, you can ensure that when the essay questions come out in early July, you will be able to focus solely on them and reduce the noise around you. In last week’s piece, we discussed visiting schools now, a step that will not only show your commitment, but that will also free up significant time in September. Another simple step that many can take is to prepare a resume now and then make small modifications and updates regarding your most recent position in October, during the latest stages of the application process. By preparing your resume now, you will save precious hours that would otherwise be spent crafting your resume during a much busier summer. Further, an added benefit is that you will start the process of reflecting on your accomplishments and reawakening yourself to certain experiences now as well. In many ways, preparing your resume now will be a primer for your essay brainstorming process, which will be the foundation for your essays.

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Business School Application Round…


Our good friend, Jeremy Shinewald, over at mbaMission is writing a two-part article for our weekly newsletter, GMATTERS about how the current crop of prospective business school candidates face distinctly unique challenges other rounds of applicants have not had to face. Jeremy touches upon a lot of great points in the first part of his article, so we thought it would be a good idea to share it. Enjoy!

Long-Term Planning: The Big Picture

By: Jeremy Shinewald of mbaMission

With the final round of MBA applications for almost all of the top schools upon us, we can take a brief moment to reflect on the main story of the year thus far: application volumes are up significantly as a result of economic turmoil. So, with the promise of increased competition for a finite number of spaces going forward, it is best that prospective MBA applicants who are targeting admission for next year (or even beyond) start working to improve their chances now. Further, regardless of this macro-trend, by being proactive, candidates can remove a great deal of stress from the process and ensure that in July, when the 2008 applications appear, they can simply focus on mastering the applications. We at mbaMission have several big picture recommendations for candidates to consider so that they can be as competitive as possible.

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B-School Mixer: Shaken Not Stirred


If you’ve ever wondered how you could combine planning your forthcoming business school career with your previous undergraduate lifestyle, look no further. ManhattanGMAT, in conjunction with MBA Admissions Consultant Firm, Clear Admit, is holding a networking mixer in Philadelphia on Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

At the event, you’ll have the opportunity speak with ManhattanGMAT Instructor, Brian Lange, and Clear Admit co-founder, Graham Richmond. This is truly a great opportunity to get a head start on the admissions process while networking with other young professionals.

As if alcohol and food isn’t enough of a draw, for those who can’t wait to experience their senior citizen side, we’ll be raffling off various goodies throughout the night, including a 9-session GMAT prep course, a complete set of ManhattanGMAT course books and some school guides from Clear Admit.

Just click the Martini glass below to register! After all, there’s nothing quite like Happy Hour (or getting into a top business school).

(Click Here to Join)