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Top 20 Business Schools


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Top 20 Business Schools by Chelsey Cooley

If you’re trying for a great GMAT score, it’s probably because you have your eye on one of the top 20 business schools. Here’s the lowdown on how schools are ranked, which schools are at the top, and how that relates to your GMAT score. Read more

Should I Take the GMAT or GRE?


Manhattan Prep GMAT Blog - Should I Take the GMAT or GRE? by Chelsey Cooley

The “GMAT or GRE” decision seems more complicated than it really is. There are a few reasons you might strongly prefer one test over the other, but now that most MBA programs accept both tests, most of us are free to take whichever one is right for us. In this article, we’ll look at the differences between the GMAT and the GRE, and how those differences might change your decision.  Read more

Manhattan Prep Instructor Stacey Koprince advises Business Insider on the “GMAT or GRE?” question

Stacey Koprince Photo

Stacey Koprince

Business Insider recently reached out to our very own Stacey Koprince for expert guidance on navigating the increasingly relevant “GMAT or GRE?” conundrum.

Stacey told Business Insider that there are only two circumstances in which a prospective b-school student would spurn the GMAT for the GRE:  Read more

How to Switch from the GRE to the GMAT


GRE_TO_GMATLately, we’ve been talking about how to decide which test to take, as well as what to do if you decide to switch from the GRE to the GMAT? That’s what we’ll tackle today! (We have also talked about what to do if you want to switch from the GMAT to the GRE.) Read more