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Friday Links: Tips for Networking, Stress Management, GPA, and More!


iStock_000012655127XSmallCatch up on some business school news and tips with a few of this week’s top stories:

5 Essential Tips for Surviving Awkward Networking Events (Brazen Careerist)

Networking events are awkward. And when you don’t go to them often, you might have no idea what to do or how to act.

MBA students take their skills on the road (Graduate Guide)

Four Harvard Business School students are making a difference and learning in the process through a project known as MBAs Across America

Inflated GPAs Good For MBA Applicants (Poets & Quants)

To get into a highly selective business school, is it better to have a higher grade point average from a school where grade inflation is the norm?

Stress Management at B-School (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Case studies, class projects, recruiting, clubs, travel… the life of an MBA student is enough to make otherwise levelheaded adults crack under the pressure.

If You Don’t Define Your Personal Brand the Market Will (Both Sides of the Table)

Don’t forget about personal branding, the most important way to proactively control your career development and how the market perceives you.

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Chat with Kellogg


Businessweek recently hosted a chat with admissions officers from Kellogg, one of the most popular business schools for our students. We thought we’d pass the link along, as it’s always great to get insight directly from the people who will be reading applications. (Also, they mention that they just care about your highest GMAT score, so don’t fret if you didn’t knock it out of the park the first time!)

Business School Admissions Panels in Chicago, New York


Manhattan GMAT is very proud to announce its first business school admissions officer panels of the season.  We often partner with top business programs to give our students the inside track on what’s on the minds of school administrators even as many students are starting to work on their application essays.

In our Chicago center, on Thursday evening, September 24th, we will be joined by admissions officers from Kellogg, Chicago Booth, and Columbia Business School.  The moderator will be our own Chris Brusznicki, himself a Kellogg alum (though he promises to be impartial).  The admissions officers will present and then take questions from attendees. Click here to sign-up – attendance is free but space is limited.

The following week we will have an additional panel here at our New York center on Thursday evening, October 1st.  Admissions officers from Columbia, NYU Stern, and Kellogg will each be in attendance to convey their thoughts and take questions.  Click here to sign-up in order to attend.  Chris Ryan will be moderating the New York panel

If you can’t make it to either of these panels, we will be hosting other seminars later in the season, including online events with admissions consultants and others. You can also sign up for our free events mailing list to stay informed of future events.

If you’re in Chicago or New York, we’ll see you soon!

What Business School Admissions Officers are Saying


ManhattanGMAT was fortunate enough to host several Admissions Officers from top business school programs earlier this month in our New York center.  The panel featured:

NYU STERN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Heather Daly, Senior Associate Director of MBA Admissions

THE WHARTON SCHOOL Ainsley Parker, Associate Director in the Office of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid

KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Yhana Chavis, Associate Director of Admissions

The panel discussion lasted close to 2 hours.  A few points that emerged:

Highest GMAT: All the schools reiterated that they take your highest GMAT score “ they do not average your scores. (It must be a single GMAT score from one test administration, though “ they don’t do a Franken-score, as Ms. Daly from Stern put it, of your best math and best verbal subscores from different tests.)

More than Once is Fine: In response to the question how many GMATs is OK, and how many is too many? Ms. Parker from Wharton said that they worry when you get into double digits. But otherwise, no one gave a specific number that’s too many. In fact, taking it more than once can demonstrate persistence, as Ms. Chavis from Kellogg said. The issue on the high end is judgment (e.g., if you take the test a dozen times, then you are not showing good judgment about where you can realistically improve your chances of admission).  At another panel, admissions officers from Kellogg & Harvard said 5 to 6 was getting to be too many. Short answer: taking it more than once is fine, as we’ve always said, and don’t worry unless you’re really climbing the charts in terms of number of times.

Effects of Economic Crisis: Schools are seeing increases in applications to varying degrees. There was some report of fluff applications (i.e., applications that do not convincingly explain why you are applying to that school in particular or even business school in general), though not universally. The representatives agreed that so far, the people who are getting in would have gotten in in other years, and the people who are being rejected would have been rejected in other years. In response to a question about financial aid (i.e., will it be available), the representatives said that they don’t know yet how this issue will play out exactly, but that their

Third Round Futility: Ms. Parker from Wharton actively discouraged students from applying in the 3rd round. Last year, they had over 600 applications in the third round, and they accepted fewer than 10. (Do the math: that’s less than a 2% acceptance rate.)

Much more was said at the Panel, as each representative went over her individual institution’s approach to candidates.   If you missed it, we’ll host another one before too long!

Bschool Admissions Panel in New York on November 6th


We are very proud to announce that ManhattanGMAT’s New York office will host an Admissions Panel next week consisting of Admissions officers from 3 of the world’s top business schools. Ainsley Parker, Associate Director of MBA Admissions at Wharton, Yhana Chavis, Assistant Director of Admissions at Kellogg, and Heather Daly, Senior Associate Director of MBA Admissions at Stern will be participating. Our very own Chris Ryan will be the moderator.

This event is free on Thursday night, November 6th at 7 p.m. – click here for more info or to sign up. Space is limited, so first-come-first-edified!